Chapter 2. Requirements

Table of Contents

2.1. Server/UI
2.2. Workers

2.1. Server/UI

DDS UI/Server/WN run on Linux and Mac OS X.

General requirements:

  • Incoming connection on dds-commander port (configurable)

  • a C++11 compiler

  • cmake 3.11.0 or higher

  • BOOST 1.67 or higher (built by a C++11 compiler, with C++11 enabled)

  • shell: BASH (or a compatible one)

Additional requirements for SSH plug-in:

  • A public key access (or password less, via ssh-agend, for example) to destination worker nodes.

2.2. Workers

General requirements:

  • Outgoing connection on dds-commander's port (configurable). This is required by dds-agent to be able to connect to DDS commander server

  • shell: BASH (or a compatible one)