Chapter 4. Installation

Table of Contents

4.1. Step #1: Get the source
4.1.1. from DDS git repository
4.1.2. from DDS source tarball
4.2. Step #2: Configure the source
4.3. Step #3: Build and install
4.4. Step #4: DDS Environment

4.1. Step #1: Get the source

4.1.1. from DDS git repository

git clone DDS-master
cd ./DDS-master

4.1.2. from DDS source tarball

Unpack DDS tarball:

tar -xzvf DDS-X.Y.Z-Source.tar.gz

Tar will created a new directory ./DDS-X.Y.Z-Source, where X.Y.Z represents a version of DDS.

cd ./DDS-X.Y.Z-Source

4.2. Step #2: Configure the source

You can adjust some configuration settings in the BuildSetup.cmake bootstrap file. The following is a list of variables:

Table 4.1. DDS configuration variables

CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIXInstall path prefix, prepended onto install directories.(default $HOME/DDS/[DDS_Version])
CMAKE_BUILD_TYPESet cmake build type. Possible options are: None, Debug, Release, RelWithDebInfo, MinSizeRel (default Release)
BUILD_DOCUMENTATIONBuild source code documentation. Possible options are: ON/OFF (default OFF)
BUILD_TESTSBuild DDS tests. Possible options are: ON/OFF (default OFF)

Now, prepare a build directory for an out-of-source build and configure the source:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -C ../BuildSetup.cmake ..


If for some reason, for example a missing dependency, configuration failed. After you get the issue fixed, right before starting the cmake command it is recommended to delete everything in the build directory recursively. This will guaranty a clean build every time the source configuration is restarted.

4.3. Step #3: Build and install

Issue the following commands to build and install DDS:

make -j
make install

[Note]Installation Prefix

Please note, that by default DDS will be installed in $HOME/DDS/X.Y.Z, where X.Y.Z is a version of DDS. However users can change this behavior by setting the install prefix path in the bootstrap script BuildSetup.cmake. Just uncomment the setting of CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX variable and change dummy MY_PATH_HERE to a desired path.

[Tip]WN package

Users have a possibility to additionally build DDS worker package for the local platform. In case if you have same OS types on all of the target machines and don't want to use WN packages from the DDS binary repository, just issue:

make -j wn_bin
make install

the commands will build and install a DDS worker package for the given platform.

We also recommend to build boost without icu library support. This will reduce the size of the WN package dramatically. The following is boost build options you can use to switch of icu:

./ --without-icu ...
./b2 --disable-icu ...

4.4. Step #4: DDS Environment

In order to enable DDS's environment you need to source the script. Change to your newly installed DDS directory and issue:


You need to source this script every time before using DDS in a new system shell. Simplify it by sourcing the script in your bash profile.