Chapter 5. Configuration

The default location of DDS's configuration file is ~/.DDS/DDS.cfg. If missing, the configuration file will be automatically created once the DDS environment script is sourced.

DDS's configuration engine looks for the configuration file in the following order:

  1. $HOME/.DDS/DDS.cfg

  2. $DDS_LOCATION/etc/DDS.cfg


Table 5.1. DDS configuration variables

server.work_dirDDS commander will use this directory to create session files.
server.sandbox_dirSome RMS, like LSF and slurm for example, require a shared files system to submit jobs. A shared folder (shared between the submit host and worker nodes). DDS will place RMS job script in this folder and will also use this folder as a sandbox for DDS workers.
server.log_dirDDS commander will use this directory for logs.

A global log severity level. Used by all DDS modules.

Log severity can be one of the following values:

  • p_l - protocol low level events and higher,

  • p_m - protocol middle level events and higher,

  • p_h - protocol high level events and higher,

  • dbg - general debug events and higher,

  • inf - info events and higher,

  • wrn - warning events and higher,

  • err - error events and higher,

  • fat - fatal errors.

server.log_rotation_sizeLog rotation size in MB. Once a log file reaches this number DDS will automatically create another log file.
server.log_has_console_output0 or 1. If 1, then DDS console outputs will be also saved into the log.
server.commander_port_range_min and server.commander_port_range_maxA port range used by the commander.
server.idle_timeAn idle time in seconds. DDS Commander and Agents respect this number and will automatically shutdown if inactive for this amount of seconds.
agent.work_dirUse this key if you want to relocate working directories of DDS agents. By default they will use the directory specified by "server.sandbox_dir".