dds-topology — topology related commands UNIX/Linux/OSX


dds-topology [[-h, --help] | [-v, --version] | [-V, --verbose] [[--disable-validation]] | [-s, --session arg] | [--activate arg] | [--stop] | [--update arg] | [--validate arg] | [--topology-name arg]]


This command allows to perform topology related tasks.


-h, --help

Shows usage options.

-v, --version

Shows version information.

-V, --verbose

Causes the command to verbose additional information and error messages.


Switches off topology validation.

--s, --session arg

DDS Session ID.

--activate arg

Requests DDS to activate agents, i.e. distribute and start user tasks accoring to the given topology.

--update arg

Requests DDS to update currently running topology with a new one.


Requests DDS to stop execution of user tasks. Stop the active topology.

--validate arg

Validates topology file against DDS's XSD schema.

--topology-name arg

Get the name of the topology for a given topology file.