dds-agent-cmd — send commands to agent UNIX/Linux/OSX


dds-agent-cmd [[-h, --help] | [-v, --version] | [command, --command arg] | [-s, --session arg]] {[getlog arg] {[-a, --all]} | [update-key arg] {[--key arg] | [--value arg]}}


This utility allows to send commands to DDS agents. Currently available commands are: getlog, update-key.


getlog arg

Download all log files from active agents. All files from agents' working directories with the extension "log" will be tar/zip'ed into a single file and downloaded on DDS commander server machine into the directory specified by server.log_dir DDS configuration option and placed in the subdirectory "agents" (default: ~/.DDS/log/agents)

Usage example:

dds-agent-cmd getlog -a

update-key arg

It forces an update of a given task's property in the topology. Name of the property and a new value should be provided additionally (see --key and --value)

Usage example:

dds-agent-cmd update-key --key mykey --value new_value


Defines the key to update


Defines a new value of the given key.

-a, --all

Send command to all activer agents.

--s, --session arg

DDS Session ID.