dds-submimt — submits and activates DDS agents UNIX/Linux/OSX


dds-submit [[-h, --help] | [-v, --version]] [-l, --list] [-r, --rms arg] [-s, --session arg] {[-c, --config arg] | [-n, --number arg] | [-s, --slots arg]}


The command is used to submit DDS agents to allocate resources for user tasks. Once enough agents are online use the dds-topology command to activate the agents - i.e. distribute user tasks across agents and start them.


-h, --help

Shows usage options.

-v, --version

Shows version information.

--l, --list arg

List all available RMS plug-ins.

--r, --rms arg

Defines a destination resource management system plug-in. Use "--list" to find out names of available RMS plug-ins.

--s, --session arg

DDS Session ID.

--path arg

Defines a path to the root plug-ins directory. If not specified than default root plug-ins directory is used.

-c, --config arg

A plug-in's configuration file. It can be used to provide additional RMS options.

-n, --number arg

Defines a number of agents to spawn. This option can not be mixed with "--config".

-s, --slots arg

Defines a number of task slots per agent. This option can not be mixed with "--config".