DDS  ver. 3.4
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dds::intercom_api::CIntercomService Class Reference

#include <Intercom.h>

Public Types

typedef boost::signals2::signal< void(uint64_t, uint32_t)> taskDoneSignal_t

Public Member Functions

 CIntercomService ()
 ~CIntercomService ()
void subscribeOnError (errorSignal_t::slot_function_type _subscriber)
 Subscribe on error messages from DDS intercom service. More...
void subscribeOnTaskDone (taskDoneSignal_t::slot_function_type _subscriber)
 Subscribe on Task Done events. More...
void start (const std::string &_sessionID="")
 Start DDS service, i.e. receiving and sending messages. More...
void waitCondition ()
void stopCondition ()


class CKeyValue
class CCustomCmd

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ taskDoneSignal_t

typedef boost::signals2::signal<void(uint64_t , uint32_t )> dds::intercom_api::CIntercomService::taskDoneSignal_t

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CIntercomService()

CIntercomService::CIntercomService ( )

◆ ~CIntercomService()

CIntercomService::~CIntercomService ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ start()

void CIntercomService::start ( const std::string &  _sessionID = "")

Start DDS service, i.e. receiving and sending messages.

◆ stopCondition()

void CIntercomService::stopCondition ( )

◆ subscribeOnError()

void CIntercomService::subscribeOnError ( errorSignal_t::slot_function_type  _subscriber)

Subscribe on error messages from DDS intercom service.

◆ subscribeOnTaskDone()

void CIntercomService::subscribeOnTaskDone ( taskDoneSignal_t::slot_function_type  _subscriber)

Subscribe on Task Done events.

◆ waitCondition()

void CIntercomService::waitCondition ( )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ CCustomCmd

friend class CCustomCmd

◆ CKeyValue

friend class CKeyValue

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