DDS  ver. 3.4
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dds::CMonitoringThread Class Reference

#include <MonitoringThread.h>

Public Member Functions

void start (double _idleTime, const std::function< void(void)> &_idleCallback)
 Main function user has to run to start monitoring thread. More...
void updateIdle ()
void registerCallbackFunction (callbackFunction_t _handler, const std::chrono::seconds &_interval)

Static Public Member Functions

static CMonitoringThreadinstance ()
 Return singleton instance. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ instance()

static CMonitoringThread& dds::CMonitoringThread::instance ( )

Return singleton instance.

◆ registerCallbackFunction()

void dds::CMonitoringThread::registerCallbackFunction ( callbackFunction_t  _handler,
const std::chrono::seconds &  _interval 

◆ start()

void dds::CMonitoringThread::start ( double  _idleTime,
const std::function< void(void)> &  _idleCallback 

Main function user has to run to start monitoring thread.

[in]_idleTimeMaximum allowed elapsed time since last activity in seconds.
[in]_idleCallbackFunction which is called after idle is detected. example CMonitoringThread::instance().start(300, [](){ do_something_here() });

◆ updateIdle()

void dds::CMonitoringThread::updateIdle ( )

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